Korea is a rapidly developing attractive market, with many business sectors in the world’s top 10,but it can be difficult and very culturally sensitive. Based upon over 25 years of local Business experience MES Co Ltd offers real, hands on experience in developing an effective Market Entry Strategy for this attractive market.

We offer Market Entry:

  • Company, Brand and Product Registration 

  • Market Surveys and Market Research

  • Set Up and Start Up Business Plans

  • Agent and Licensee appointment

  • Contracted Company Representation

  • KORUS & EU-KOREA F.T.A. impact

IPR Protection:

  • Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Services

  • Market Scans and Sweeps.

  • Customs Recordation and Representation

Human Relations and Organisational Development:

  • Pre-Appointment Appraisals

  • Country/Cultural Orientation Programs

  • Compensation and Incentive Structuring140319 MES Logo

  • Change Management Programs

  • Executive Mentoring

  • Crisis Management Training

Corporate Risk Control:

  • Corporate and Personal Due Diligence 

  • Reputation Assessment

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